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Today: 12/17/17


Enjoy your Winter Break

From December 16th - January 7th. The second half of the year begins Monday, January 8th, 2018

Principal's Message

Euclid Elementary School is working hard to personalize the learning experience for your child! This year we are launching our Early Language and Literacy Academies (ELLP) which will allow for greater personalization to meet the needs of ALL students. We are also becoming an Academic English Mastery Program School (AEMP). Teachers will receive professional development in student engagement strategies and insights into teaching academic language that are sure to prepare all students for college. This year we have also launched our upper grade College Preparatory Academy! In this academy, students are learning essential 21st Century Skills for success in middle school, high school, and eventually, college! Aside from purchasing Accelerated Reader and Learning A-Z for our students, we will also add a new online reading program, LEXIA. This amazing online reading program will allow for greater personalization for your child and can be accessed even from home! Come see our great work and thank you once again for believing in us!



In Service, Cristina Muñoz, Principal


College and Career Ready

From ETK to 5th grade our goal is the same, College and Career Readiness for all! All teachers at Euclid Avenue ES are working hard to create a college going environment. Students at various grade levels are researching colleges of their choice and creating pennants as reminders of that college goal! Come and see all our great work around college and career readiness!

Euclid Ave College Academy

Euclid 2017 Fall Harvest

STEAM Magnet Family Night

Euclid Ave

Attendance Newsletter and Slides

Dual Language

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Visit us on Facebook!

LAUSD Employee Code Of Conduct

District Title I Parent Involvement Policy

District Title I Parent Involvement Policy was sent home on Friday, November 17, 2017.

Política para la Inclusión de los Padres de Familia Titulo I del Distrito fue enviada a casa el viernes, 17 de noviembre del 2017.

Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Euclid is committed to working with families to ensure all students are reaching their highest potential.  The Parent and Family Engagement Policy will be sent home Thursday, November 30, 2017.  If you would like another copy, please stop by the main office.  

La escuela Euclid se compromete a trabajar con las familias para asegurar que todos los estudiantes estén alcanzando su potencial más alto. La política de Participacion de padres y familias se enviará a casa el jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017. Si desea otra copia pase por la oficina principal.

Upcoming Events

SAVE THE DATE! Come to our Winter Program, The Grinch in Boyle Heights, scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2017.  More information is to follow on the various program times!


Mission & Vision

M: All students at Euclid Avenue and Bilingual Gifted & High Ability Magnet School will reach their highest potential through the mastery of the standards with the support of all stakeholders in order to prepare them for success in a global society.

V: Euclid Avenue and Bilingual Gifted and High Achievement Magnet Schools: Inspiring Students to graduate high School in order to reach their highest potential.


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ROAR - ing

To maintain a safe school campus, students need to remember to be:



                Always Safe


Please discuss with your child what each of these means and how they can demonstrate each of these characteristics.

Student Safety


Parents and students must use crosswalks when crossing the street. Students have almost been hit in front of the school because they are crossing illegally.



When dropping off students at the morning valet it is important that you follow the flow of traffic. If you stop and wait too long, it backs up traffic and may cause an accident. Please remember that the parents running the Valet are volunteers. They give up their time to help all students. We all need to be respectful of each other as we are examples to our students.


Morning drop off

The gates open at 7:30 a.m. and that is when students are permitted on campus. Please DO NOT drop off students earlier than 7:30 a.m. There is no supervision and the school cannot be held responsible for their safety. It is dangerous for students to wait outside the front gates without supervision.


Student safety and well-being is a top priority at Euclid Avenue ES. We have a Parent Valet Program that runs from 7:30am-8:10 a.m. for your safety. Also, please use the pedestrian walkways and DO NOT jaywalk in front of the valet. It is NOT safe!  Also, please ensure that students are not dropped off in the middle of the street. 

Improving Attendance

Keeping your child home (other than illness or medical appointment) is against the law. Please avoid keeping your child home due to family business or taking them out early. Unless absolutely necessary. Taking students out early without a doctor’s appointment is considered unexcused. Poor attendance may result in your child falling behind in schoolwork, missing an important test, or an event. When your child is sick or must go to a health related appointment or funeral, please call the school or send a note when your child returns.