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Euclid Avenue Elementary Gifted STEAM Magnet School transformed into a Linked Learning School in 2020-2021! We became 1 of 2 Linked Learning Elementary Schools in all of LAUSD! With the support of LAUSD Linked Learning Coaches and experts in the professional field, our students engaged in a project-based and work-based related learning environment that is robust, challenging, differentiated and 21st century driven. Our interdisciplinary instructional program will galvanize Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics into relevant and engaging lessons and projects. Through project-based learning students will acquire the necessary college and career readiness skills and academic rigor that promotes the development of students' academic success and social emotional well-being. Divergent thinkers within our Gifted STEAM Linked Learning Magnet School will be taught to become self-directed, proactive, and productive citizens of the world in an environment that is safe, inclusive, and conducive to life-long careers and life readiness. Come visit us to see how you can join our Panther family!

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Open Enrollment 2023-2024
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Euclid Avenue VEX Robotics

Program Robotics is not only the future, it is also the present.  By familiarizing students with programming, sensors, and automation, they form critical computational thinking skills needed to succeed in both the 21st century's workforce and in everyday life.

2nd Grade Magnet
3rd Grade Magnet