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Winter reading

Hello again Euclid Panthers! 

Winter season is here! Yay! There are snow many books waiting to be read this winter season and the Euclid Library has all the cool books you will need to keep you nice and warm. :^)

Let your imagination soar with these awesome winter reads now available for check-out at the school library:



     Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins 

     View on Destiny Discover

     View on Destiny Classic   




     Good Night Wind by Linda Elovits Marshall 

     View on Destiny Discover 

     View on Destiny Classic    



      Snowman - Cold = Puddle by Micha Archer

      View on Destiny Discover

      View on Destiny Classic



         Snowmen at Halloween by Caralyn Buehner

          View on Destiny Discover

          View on Destiny Classic





       Curious George in the Snow by Margret & H.A           Rey

       View on Destiny Discover

       View on Destiny Classic





       Bear Noel by Olivier Dunrea

       View on Destiny Discover

       View on Destiny Classic





       Sapo en Invierno by Max Velthuijs

       View on Destiny Discover

       View on Destiny Classic




Place your holds today! 

And always remember, take of your books, bring them back on time, and most importantly, enjoy them! :^)


Joel Ramirez | Library Aide | Euclid Ave Elementary

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures”






boooo...ks for halloween reading! 

Hello again Euclid Panthers! 

It is that special time of year when the leaves began to fall, the weather gets a little cooler, and the books get a little… spoookier! And if you are like me, than you're looking to find some scary books to read while you drink some warm milk, find a cozy spot to sit, and wrap yourself in a nice, warm blanket. Ah, sounds like my kind of night :^) 

Look no further, the Library has plenty of spooky books for you to read this Halloween or whenever you are in the mood for a scare! 

Check out these spooktacular titles that are available now for check-out! 

  • Scary stories 3 : more tales to chill your bones by Alvin Shwartz
  • The monster in the mailbox and other scary tales by Michael Dahl
  • Good night Zombie by James Preller
  • Dolls of Doom by Steven Brezenoff

"But Mr. Ramirez, how can I check out spooky books if the library is closed?" Good question!

All you have to do is follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Log into Schoology
  2. Click on the waffle icon (hmmm waffles)
  3. Click on LAUSD Destiny 
  4. Click on Catalog
  5. Click on Destiny Discover
  6. Explore our amazing collection of books, and place your holds on the books you want to borrow

*Pro Library Tip: try searching the word “scary” or “creepy”

Yep, it’s that easy! Click here for a video tutorial by yours truly for a more visual step by step guide!

After you place your holds on the books you want to check-out, you can either pick them up at the library or I will personally deliver them to your teacher free of charge, because that’s how libraries work! Ah, libraries :^)

Okay friends, I hope that you read some awesome books this Fall, learn a lot of new cool things, and practice being kind to each other.

Take care, be safe, and read on!


Joel Ramirez | Library Aide | Euclid Ave Elementary

“Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body”






Summer reading

Hello Euclid Panthers! 

The end of the school year is almost here and so is summer break. Hooray!! But with all that free time, what is there to do? Pick up a new hobby? Make new friends? Sail the world? The possibilities are endless! I'm planning on spending my time doing what I love best: READING!! (and playing guitar, but also READING!) 

Why read you ask? Here are a few reasons:

  • Reading keeps your mind engaged and sharp
  • Reading opens you to new and exciting ideas
  • Reading will make you super smart
  • Reading will teach you new words to impress your teachers
  • Reading can take you anywhere
  • Reading is fun and relaxing :^)

But what is there to read and where can I go for books if the school is closed, you also ask? Say no more, I got you!

There are public libraries located nearby that are now open and here for our community. The librarians there would be more than happy to recommend new and classic books (and digital books) for all your summer reading needs. Click on the libraries below to visit their webpage:


Anthony Quinn Library (Sidewalk Service only)

Robert Louis Stevenson Branch Library 

East Los Angeles Library


All of these libraries have their own Summer Reading Programs where you can log in books read, play fun activities, and win awesome prizes!

Click here to learn more about these Sumer Reading Programs for you and the whole family!  

I hope you can all join me in my Summer Reading Tradition and spend some time reading every day together as a family. There is so much to explore and discover through the wonder of books :^)

Happy reading and GO PANTHERS!


Joel Ramirez | Library Aide | Euclid Ave Elementary

“Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body”